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    Little Café is an artisanal roasting workshop located in Ivory Coast. Its creator, Auguste BEDIE roaster and founder of the company, works with coffee from producers' plantations and cooperatives. The workshop aims to produce coffee from Côte d'Ivoire countries and country origin blends (arabica & robusta) under the SATOR brand, which means "ploughman", "planter", "sower". A name that well represents this relationship to the land between the roasting workshop and the coffee producers.

    For him: " the dual objective being to ensure better remuneration for the producer and to perpetuate the cultivation of coffee, which is increasingly neglected in Côte d'Ivoire, and on the other hand to highlight the taste qualities of robusta coffee, which well worked can have very appreciable results in cup and different from industrial quality. " As evidenced by the cup of SATOR coffee, powerful with a balanced body with notes of cocoa, nuts and a hint of spice.

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    Caroline Hien, a young Ivorian, is the founder of Carol's Confiture SARL, which, as its name suggests, makes jams by preparing fruit.
    The click for her, started from a ras-le-bol. Caroline was tired of the jars of jam made from strawberries or raspberries that the local market at the time "imposed" on her. She therefore decided to manufacture tailor-made products using local products.

    As she puts it so well with humor " the sugar content of our products is so low that we cannot call them jam ". All the products that go into the preparation of Carol's products are exclusively local fruits and raw materials without any additives or dyes.

    With in addition, the will to fight against food waste, she recovers the unsold fruits of her jams. Also aware of the ecological impact of its products, especially the packaging, it uses recycled glass for all its containers.

    Carole won the first prize in the “Startupper 2016” Challenge as well as the
    “Prix du Patronat pour l'Innovation 2015” in the improved plant material and agro-food product category.

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    SCOOPS-SAHS [Cooperative society Sabari Kagny du Haut Sassandra] is a cooperative located in Daloa, in the center west of Côte d'Ivoire.

    The adventure started in March 2021. Originally, a group of proactive SCOOPS-SAHS leaders who dreamed – and still dream – of creating a “Chocolate from Côte d’Ivoire” label.

    They began by training 100 women, wives of producers who are members of SCOOPS-SAHS, who intervene at the beginning of the manufacturing process by taking care of roasting and shelling the cocoa beans.
    In less than a year, the cooperative has succeeded in producing an award-winning chocolate at the 58th edition of the Paris International Agricultural Show, in March 2022, in the "Selection of Agricultures of the World" category.

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Agronomist trained between France and Austria, with DUT in Biological Engineering, then a Bachelor in Agronomy, and finally a Master in International Agribusiness, Mouahié Rose KOUASSI, created Agrikraft SARL in 2019, specializing in natural cosmetics based in Côte d 'ivory.
As she says herself “I have always been passionate about plants and beauty tips with plants, vegetable oils and butters. For me, beauty should not endanger the health of users. I want to share my passion for natural cosmetics and promote Ivorian local products. »
The quality of its sourcing (organic and fair) as well as a subtle dosage of the ingredients of its formula of shea whipped cream has enabled its products to quickly meet with success and to be present in many points of sale including a chain of local supermarket.
One of its objectives is to support even more peasant children in their schooling. As such, she created Karité Kids, a concept that converts shea butter into school kits for children in rural areas. In other words, part of the profits is dedicated to the purchase of school kits for children.
She was also rewarded in September 2022 by the Pierre Castel Prize in Côte d'Ivoire for her action.
Well done Rose!

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