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Fifi's Recipes - Book and educational games - 60 fun activities - Edition Vay

Fifi's Recipes - Book and educational games - 60 fun activities - Edition Vay

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Fifi's Recipes - Vay Edition - Age: 4 to 7 years old

An original concept that brings together 60 fun activities for reading, writing, playing, drawing, sticking and coloring. Activities designed to occupy children (4 to 7 years old), give them a taste for reading and writing, disconnect them from screens, and immortalize unforgettable moments spent with the family.

Why do all children love this concept?

Because they can identify with the character, Fifi, and because by making Fifi's recipes, they will be able to:
-Discover words, sounds and letters while playing;

- Personalize the activity book by writing, coloring, drawing, sticking; (discover in our shop "My book to me")

-Discover simple words in English.

-Publish their activity book because they will have written it themselves, like little budding authors!

Well done kids!


Fact sheet
Collection: Fifi's Recipes
40 pages - 210 x 297 mm - hardcover
ISBN: 9782494169005
Publication date: 09/15/2022

How to make Fifi's recipes?


To make Fifi's recipes, you first need this reading and games book which contains:

- Texts that sing melodies, to become familiar with sounds, rhymes and words;

- 5 games to play with rhymes and words as a family;

- Instructions for your child to write in the activity book, their own texts for their mum, dad, comforter, etc. Texts in French and English;

- And especially the information so that your child publishes his activity book and becomes a little budding author!

The creator

Vanessa, multi-faceted entrepreneur mom, is at the origin of the project. Cameroonian who has lived in France for a long time, her dual culture has allowed her to have a very open view of children and their environment.

How was this concept born?

"Mom of a 6-year-old boy, and passionate about reading and writing, I designed this concept during confinement to occupy him and disconnect him from screens. After long months of hesitation, an editor friend convinced me to edit it to share with other parents."

Why will parents love this concept?

"Because with this concept, I want to give or give back to children the desire to read and write. For this I first created, with the help of an illustrator, Gwendoline Ecalle, an endearing character which the children can identify with, Fifi. I also wanted:

-Provide your children with fun activities to read and write while playing;

- Disconnect them from screens in order to transmit to them the “taste” of reading and writing;

- Spend quality time with your family by playing rhyming and word games;

-Have your children discover simple words in a foreign language, English;

-Immortalize these precious moments in the activity book which will tell their discovery of reading and writing in pictures: a wonderful memory for your children!

You are now one click away from spending unforgettable moments with your children... away from the screens ;-)


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